Asked why he loves the game, Coach Gumbs strongly believes youth sports foster healthy habits that last a lifetime and benefit children well beyond childhood. As studies suggest, active children become active adults.

In addition to providing the heath benefits of physical exercise, youth sports help develop successful, well-rounded leaders by fostering their mental, social, & emotional well-being.

While every student at EMA has a unique reason for loving the game, we wanted to share Coach Gumbs’ top 5 reasons why he loves the game as we closed our Love The Game Clinics (Feb. 21-24):

1. Resilience 

With the correct coach and environment, sports can/will lead you in the right direction. When you have a high-pressure job in the future, you will be thankful for what the game taught you, because

sports teaches you how to handle setbacks and how to stay calm under pressure.

2. Teamwork 

Playing team sports, especially basketball, teaches you the importance of teamwork. You’ll learn how to value each and every player, treat them with respect, and work together with them.

This skill will come in handy at every stage of your life because unless you want to live on an island alone, you need to know how to embrace people from all walks of life. It is always good to be a team player, and remember our philosophy:

You are not the best player if you are not the best teammate! 

3. Discipline  

Sports instill a sense of discipline that is unlike anything else. Why do you think the top companies love former athletes?

As an athlete, you might need to often wake up early for practices. You learn to be on time and get into the habit of exercising from a young age. You will learn self-control when you have to follow a particular regimen and push yourself even when tired. This adds to the wonderful life you can create when you are older.

4. Social Skills 

Probably the most important these days since many children spend too much time on their phones, which could make them anti-social.

Do you find the time to step out of your comfort zone (bubble) to make friends?

Playing a sport gives you a chance to interact with a large group of people with shared interests. You’ll learn important social skills and feel like you belong which will help you grow into an emotionally intelligent person.

5. Self-Esteem 

Sports can help you build strong self-esteem (self-image). Successfully winning a match or achieving a set goal will help you feel more confident in your skills and abilities. Encouragement from good coaches and praise from your teammates will also help you develop it even further.


As you reflect on Coach Gumbs’ reasons, which ones make most sense to you? What are the reasons you love the game?

Feel free to share them below, with your friends and coaches to spread a positive mindset and keep yourself motivated to lead whenever the opportunity arises.

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