Why Empower ME Academy?

  • Empower ME Academy is a progressive program that provides holistic experiences. These experiences improve a Student Athlete’s skills while also improving their attitude, commitment, and life skills—preparing them to become both well-rounded and successful adults.

Getting Started


    How does the process begin?

  • All potential students are required to undergo an evaluation. You can Apply Now.

    What is an evaluation? Why do I need one?

  • Potential students must undergo a 75-minute evaluation to determine skill level, whether Empower ME Academy is a good fit for the family, and if the family is a good fit for EMA. Students must successfully complete the evaluation prior to engaging in any EMA activities. If for some reason you choose not to continue with our program after the evaluation, you will not be able to register with our program in the future.

Our Services


    Do you offer private one-to-one training?

  • Yes! Exclusive Privates allow students to train with any of our coaches on a 1:1 player-to-coach ratio, resulting in more specialized focus and instruction. Please sign up for the evaluation here.

    Do you offer group experiences? How are they grouped?

  • Yes! All classes are grouped according to skill level. Please contact us at for questions regarding group experiences.

    Where are courses and weekly experiences located?

  • Our weekly training experiences are held in multiple locations in San Francisco. You will be able to view our available locations once you have been accepted into the program. Apply Now.

    Does EMA offer clinics? When?

  • Yes! Clinics are held seasonally, during Summer and Christmas Break.

    Can parents stay and watch experiences?

  • Parents, family, and friends are all welcome to watch experiences. However, please keep in mind that you are only a spectator – only positive encouragement is allowed.

    How soon can an EMA student see results?

  • Although we want to build strong habits for the future, we guarantee that every student will see results depending on how frequently the student participates.

    Students should expect to see the most drastic improvements only when they have committed to participating in all experiences: Skills & Drills, STOP & Learn, and Early Birds.


    Do we offer training for teams and special events?

  • No, we do not provide this service at the moment.

    Are group experiences diverse in gender and age?

  • Yes, they are. Read our newsletter on diverse age and gender.

    What is Upper Hand?

  • Upper Hand is our all-in-one customizable software that includes easy-to-use tools for membership management, scheduling, and integrated payment processing. It also has automated e-mail and website templates that allows us to keep in touch with our families. It gives us everything we need to turn your passion for basketball into a reality. Upper Hand saves us time and gives us the support we need to nurture and grow our students.

Payment, Refunds, and Cancellations


    What methods of payments does EMA accept?

  • Currently EMA accepts:
    • Cash
    • Credit card, via online registration
    • Checks made out to Empower ME Academy

    What is the benefit of purchasing packages?

  • We highly recommend purchasing packages.
    • Allows you to RSVP on our online and mobile platform days/weeks/months in advance.
    • We offer discounts when purchasing packages.

         What is the cancellation policy?

  • On our mobile and online platform, you can make a cancellation up to 24 hours prior to a scheduled experience.

    What is the refund policy?

  • Our refund policy depends on the experience purchased:
    • Programs: A full refund will be provided for remaining experiences at individual training experience rate for all experiences used.
    • Clinics: A full refund is provided if requested a week before the start of the clinic.

    Do you offer discounts if I have siblings who want to work out?

  • No, we do not. However, we recommend semi-private experiences for participants if the skill levels are comparable. If the skill levels are not comparable, we recommend participating in separate exclusives and then participating in classes.

Our Team + Careers


    Can I apply to be an Empower ME Coach?

  • Yes! We are always looking for like-minded teachers of the game who are aligned with our mission and who believe that sports should be used as a developmental tool for life.



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From the very first day EMA started its operations,the organization has prioritized access and inclusion.

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