Coach Gumbs’ Interview on KPIX Channel 5
Founder Coach Gumbs talks on KPIX Channel 5 about how The Academy helps young student-athletes from diverse demographic backgrounds of all ages and gender prepare for challenges on and off the court—enabling them to exceed expectations.  
10 Ways To Let Go and Trust the Process
“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you think you know and who you are for what you could learn and who you could become.” Translation: Process. Process. Process. Just trust it! What do you get when you have a successful parent like yourself with a child who wants to play […]
How to become an ENERGY GIVER.
Ask your child this question, “Are you an energy giver or spirit sucker – on your team and amongst your friends?” Think about it, each time we interact with one another, we either give energy or take it away. So, in every instance, we are either an energy giver or an energy taker. Energy givers make […]
Inside the E – Episode 41 | Emerging Leader: Samantha Glickman
Samantha Glickman is a ‘grown-up’ in a kids body. She has morphed into a pure leader who is always inspiring others to power through their adverse times because she has discovered how to at the Academy.
A Grateful Student, A Happy Child.
According to research by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, “people who practice gratitude feel considerably happier (25%) than those in a control group; they are more joyful, enthusiastic, interested, and determined. And in teens, they are not only more pleasant to be around, but according to studies, they are also less likely […]

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