1. What does being a Leader mean to you?

To me, being a leader means you are someone people look up to; people are inspired/encouraged by you.

2. What’s your favorite part of being a leader?

My favorite part of being a leader is to see how my energy and determination inspire others.

3. How has EMA helped you become the leader you are today?

EMA has encouraged me to take risks, although sometimes it doesn’t come with a reward. EMA told me how to deal with it, only to come out stronger. 

4. What’s the best thing you’ve learned at EMA?

To push your limits and challenge your potential, don’t settle for good; strive towards greatness.

5. How do you show up as a leader on and off the court?

On the court, I treat every practice like a game. All my heart and effort went into it.

I strongly believe the more I want back, the more I have to give.

That’s also how I approach life off the court as well.

6. Who are some leaders that you look up to and why?

I look up to Kobe for his work ethic and mentality to be the best. Also, I look up to Paige Bueckers; right now I’m going through the same injury and using her as an example to push through.

7. Define EMA with one sentence.

Family where everyone matters and is supported.

8. Complete the sentence: As a leader, I encourage people to…

As a leader, I encourage people to step outside their comfort zone.


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