Empower ME Academy has always put people first. Whether it be on an individual level or the community at large, our mission to help students unlock their leadership potential has been our guiding light from the beginning, allowing us to empower more students with each passing year.

It’s hard to describe what moving the needle looks like with a one size fits all answer.

While statistics can demonstrate the scope of impact in a community, they can’t capture what matters most – their stories.

Here’s a look at how Empower ME Academy (EMA) has made an impact right now:

Bay Area Communities

Making an impact within a community starts with understanding the community. EMA has worked to serve neighborhoods across the entire Bay Area, reaching 65 zip codes since 2013We have seen steady growth over the last 10 years, serving 415 students in 2022, including 207 new students. 

We also prioritize access and equity. In the past year, we provided a total of $23K in tuition assistance to promote equal access to students across the whole community.

Events & Programs

In 2022, EMA provided a total of 4350 experiences for students in the Bay Area.

Our day-to-day courses create a space for students of all skill levels to grow over time, helping them to develop and improve both in basketball and in life. 

Our seasonal clinics provide students with a focused experience designed to push them outside their comfort zone and give them the tools and motivation to become mentally empowered.

Our premier event in 2022, the Basketball-Thon, invited children from across the Bay Area to participate in a series of events, where they could push themselves to improve in a constructive and fun environment.

Behind the numbers

Statistics quantify the impact, but our real superpower lies in the stories behind the digits. Each student comes to us with a different set of experiences. We push them to find their own unique style of empathy and leadership, so they can develop as athletes and leaders. 

One of Empower ME Academy’s first students was Ginho Gund whom many of you have already met. But we would like to tell a little about his story for those who still don’t know him.

Ginho moved to the Bay Area in 2013. As he adjusted to his new life, he found himself struggling with shyness, self-doubt and negativity. He had also been interested in basketball, although he had one more obstacle to overcome: his neuromotor deficiency. 

Later that year, Ginho was introduced to Coach Gumbs, and began training at EMA. This was especially challenging at first, as Coach Gumbs’ pushed his abilities to help him grow and become more confident. Still, over the years, it was our mental health support that helped him flourish and develop his leadership skills most of all.

In 2019, Ginho joined our board. He also recently graduated from The Meisner Technique Studio, in San Francisco. Today, he is pursuing a career in acting, advocating for autism with a podcast, and encouraging others to pursue their passions. 

This is the impact Ginho is making in his own community. What about you?

What is the impact you want to make in your family, your school, and your neighborhood? Giving back can start small but touching someone else’s life is something you will be proud of throughout your life


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From the very first day EMA started its operations,the organization has prioritized access and inclusion.

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