The Off-Season

“Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.”

What will your child do differently now that the season is over to ensure next year is more empowering and successful?

This is the time for all players, coaches, (and parents) to start setting goals and making plans for the off-season.

EMA will never understand how a player wanting to be good, or a coach claiming to be committed to winning, returns next season without any MAJOR improvements.

It’s the greatest mystery in youth sports—especially basketball, the most skilled sport requiring hundreds of repetitions to master any skill.

NOW is the time!

As soon as the season ends, the great ones, like Steph Curry, see an ample opportunity to work on their games, bodies, and mental approach.

The off-season is where EMA collegiate leaders were made.

Off-seasons should be more demanding than the seasons to ensure more success and FUN.

The MOST critical thing each player can do between the last game of a season and the first game of the next is GET BETTER.


  • Players:
    1. – Sharpen your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.
    2. – There is no shortcut, and it will take months of (rest), hard work, dedication, knowledge, and patience.
  • Their coaches
    1. – Spend less time worrying about inbounds plays and offensive sets.
    2. – Set up a structured program for all your child to develop to feel empowered and confident.
  • Their parents:
    1. – Understand that for your child to get more playing time next season or improve in every area, they need to work.
    2. – Resist the urge to watch them play!

Playing games all spring and summer is not the solution for the pros and collegiate athletes. So, why should it be for your child(ren)

How confident and what happens next season will determine how committed your child is to their development this off-season.


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