Spring is officially here! 

With a new season comes many new opportunities to practice inspiration, ignite a new purpose, and energize yourself and those around you towards a new goal or accomplishment. In the season full of new blooms, what’s more fitting than more opportunities to practice? 

Things to practice more:

  1. * Prioritizing self-care. 
  2. * Energizing the community around you. 
  3. * Building yourself and others up. 
  4. * Establishing new habits. 

We get the energy we give. And Spring is the perfect time to practice channeling our energy into something greater while becoming our best version. 

As the author of one of Coach Gumbs’ favorite books, Charles Duhigg, said in his book, The Power of Habit, “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”

Sit down, channel who you want to be, and set intentions on how to get there. The season of fresh blooms, new beginnings, and the occasional (much needed) rain brings a clean slate for new habits and better practices.

A change of season is a GREAT time to rebuild!

Our coaches have similar goals. They practice better care for themselves to stay focused, passionate, and driven to empower the entire EMA community (primarily the student-leaders). 

One of the ways the EMA team ensures this can be done is by creating more opportunities for our students to practice, so we are thrilled to bring FREE-Play (our version of pickup basketball) back on Sundays for our Storm Leaders (high school)!

More opportunities for purposeful practice to increase IQ and love for the game are always a pleasant way to bring in a new season. Kick off an energizing offseason as you prepare for the upcoming season with more from EMA.

With new programs, there are more things up the EMA team’s sleeves. Like a coming soon blockbuster movie. Stay tuned throughout this new season for new opportunities to get involved, connect with the EMA community, and feel inspired.

There’s plenty of new growth to be had.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this blog.


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